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Massage Therapy


Wellness Industry

is a AUD$145 Billion Business



Over 20 Years

of Local Experience



Proudly Served Over 100 Million Customers

您是否正在寻找促进社区健康的有益商业机会? Chi Wellness 是一家高级特许经营中心,提供一系列服务,可帮助人们实现最佳健康,包括针灸、按摩、美容和头部水疗服务。我们的特许经营模式非常适合那些热衷于改善社区健康状况并正在寻找可以提供经济和个人回报的商业机会的人。


Chi Wellness 正在寻找澳大利亚主要城市当地的特许经营合作伙伴,他们热衷于将我们的健康中心带到他们的社区。作为 Chi Wellness 特许经营商,您将有机会为您的客户提供优质的健康体验,同时为您自己打造成功的事业。


Chi Wellness,我们致力于帮助我们的特许经营合作伙伴取得成功。我们提供全面的营销支持,包括每月的营销指令和针对日常运营问题与创始人的直接沟通渠道。我们还让我们的加盟商了解最新的行业趋势和研究,以帮助他们在竞争中保持领先地位。


作为 Chi Wellness 加盟商,您在开业前将接受全面的培训。我们提供从设施建立到日常运营的在线和现场培训。我们的目标是帮助您深入了解您的业务运作方式,让您从第一天起就充满信心。


要成为成功的 Chi Wellness 特许经营商,我们需要对改善所在社区的健康和保健充满热情的人以及与健康行业相关的人。我们正在寻找拥有技能和承诺来推广我们的品牌并为我们的客户提供最佳体验的业主经营者。


Chi Wellness 特许经营协议为期 5 年,可选择每 5 年续订一次。


什么是Chi Wellness

Chi Wellness 是一个优质的健康中心,提供一系列服务,帮助人们实现最佳健康,包括针灸、按摩美容和头部水疗。我们的目标是让我们的客户能够掌控自己的健康和保健,并为身心提供一个庇护所。 Chi Wellness2004年成立以来,已发展出三大品牌:主打中医养生的Chi Link、主打美容护理的Chi Day Spa、和主打头疗养生的Chi Head Spa。目前已拥有18家加盟店,服务超过百万客户,成为深受当地客户信赖的行业领先品牌。

为什么选择 Chi Wellness 特许经营?

Chi Wellness 是那些希望在社区中有所作为并同时建立成功企业的人的绝佳特许经营机会。我们的健康中心旨在提供私人而非公共体验,这使我们在竞争中脱颖而出。与单打独斗相比,我们的特许经营模式极大地增加了您成功的机会,而我们持续的指导和支持将帮助您获得成功的结果。

Why Us?

Reliable Big Brands

Chi Link is the perfect franchise opportunity for those looking to make a difference in their community while also building a successful business. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has developed two brands: Chi Link, which focuses on traditional Chinese medicine healthcare, and Chi Day Spa for beauty care, scalp therapy and wellness. We have served more than one million customers and establishing the company as a leading brand in the industry that is highly trusted by local customers.


Our wellness centres are designed to provide a private, rather than a communal, experience, which sets us apart from the competition. Our franchise model dramatically increases your chances of success compared to going it alone, and our ongoing guidance and support will help you secure a successful outcome.

Training Provided

As a Chi Link franchisee, you will receive comprehensive training before you open your doors. We provide both online and onsite training, from the facility establishment to daily operation. Our aim is to help you develop a strong understanding of how your business operates, giving you the confidence you need from day one.

Comprehensive Support

At Chi Link, we are committed to helping our franchise partners succeed. We provide comprehensive support from negociation with the shopping centre, shopfront design and setup, daily opperation and marketing, including monthly marketing directives and direct communication channels to the founder for daily operational questions. We also keep our franchisees up-to-date on the latest industry trends and research to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Franchising Progress


& Intention

Please fill out the Intention Form below to provide us with general information about yourself. Our Franchising Manager will contact you shortly if you are the ideal potential franchisee. You may need to sign a confidential agreement if necessary.

Approval & Agreement

Once your application has been approved, you'll need to sign a formal franchising agreement.

We will communicate with you at every stage so you fully understand the steps and progress.

Get Ready for Your New Business

From working with the shopping center in rental negotiation, shopfront design, etc., to shop and system setup, initial management training, we will guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure you have a smooth start.

Operation & Support

The grand opening of your new business is only the beginning. Our comprehensive support, including daily operations, marketing, etc., will help your business grow healthily.

Current Opportunities

High-end Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy or Luxury Beauty and Massage Spa

Chi Link is partnering with you to establish a high-end traditional Chinese medicine therapy or luxury beauty and massage SPA in the heart of Newstead.

The shopping center in this area is a bustling hub that integrates modern living, work, and entertainment. It provides a vibrant environment for all businesses, boasting a high-spending customer base, excellent geographical location, and a mature consumer market. With a prime location of 125 square meters, this bustling storefront enjoys high traffic, presenting a rare opportunity.

Newstead is a rapidly growing community, primarily consisting of young professionals and small families. With a per capita income exceeding the national average, there is a sustained demand for high-quality lifestyle and consumption.

As a well-known brand in the local market with 20 years of successful operation and 20 franchising stores, Chi Link has served over a million customers, established a good corporate image and reputation, and accumulated rich experience and goodwill. Moreover, our team has helped numerous franchisees achieve their dreams of opening and running successful businesses through professional and meticulous services.

We will assist you to:
√ Quickly understand the Australian traditional Chinese massage therapy industry;
√ Secure prime locations with higher foot traffic at more suitable prices;
√ Accompany you every step of the way from scratch to ensure your peace of mind;
√ Guide you on retaining customers and staff in the Australian market environment, ensuring the stable and sustainable growth of your business.

If you also dream of "starting a business with ease and enjoying life," now is an excellent opportunity!

As your partner and solid support, Chi Link will provide you with comprehensive support. Whether it's signing contracts, renewals, pre-launch preparations, or marketing promotions, daily operations, Chi Link will be there to support you whenever you need.

Join us now to create beauty legends together and provide customers with delightful beauty experiences!

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